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Akintunde Babatope Imolehin

Tunde Imolehin is a versatile Nigerian Architect and Environmentalist.

About Akintunde Babatope Imolehin

Tunde Imolehin is a versatile Nigerian Architect and Environmentalist.

A member of the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) and Fellow, International Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD).

A great thinker and change agent, Tunde IMOLEHIN is the CEO of Forms and Spaces Limited, Greenmatters International, Change Media, Change TV & Green TV, among other viable initiatives.

Imolehin has also invested immensely in the media and development communication sector; breaking new grounds and sustaining them.

A progressive mind, Tunde is a patriotic Nigerian and a global citizen of note. Tunde is married to beautiful and delectable Oluwabunmi, nee KOLADE, with three intelligent and God-fearing children - Emiloluwa, Anjolaoluwa and Gbekeloluwa. He works and resides in Abuja with homes and offices in Lagos, Akure, Ipele and Owo.

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Tunde Imolehin is a versatile Nigerian Architect and Environmentalist.

Akintunde and Politics

As a progressive and well-known change agent, APC was a natural choice. Imolehin’s progressive impact in the socio-political and development sector in Nigeria; particularly in the South West is a public knowledge. In 1999, Imolehin was nominated as a member of Governor-Elect Bola Tinubu Transition Work Group. Together with other renowned technocrats, a comprehensive blueprint was put in place for the sustainability of the megacity. The world-acclaimed success of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration and the successful transition to a dynamic and high-performing Governor Fashola can be traced to the strong foundation laid by the committed men and women of that group. In the last gubernatorial elections in Ondo State, Tunde Imolehin’s immense contributions were well acknowledged. His committment, loyalty, boldness, courage, doggegness and consistent pursuit for justice, fairness; before, during and after the highly distorted and massively twisted elections are adequately documented.

Justification / Suitability

Imolehin’s rich, social, educational, developmental, professional and community pedigrees have all adequately prepared him for the task in Abuja. A versatile personality, great advocate, logical mind and widely knowledgeable, Imolehin is best suited for the job. His humility, great sense of responsibility, huge grassroot appeal, presence and sound understanding of the needs of the people are all added assets to his quests to represent the decent people of OSE/OWO FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY. As a development specialist, Tunde’s past experiences as a regional coordinator (South-West) of one of Nigeria’s most comprehensive intervention agencies - the defunct Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF) - will come in handy for the task ahead especially the regional integration agenda of the South West region of Nigeria which incidentally is the focal point of the political, social and economic agenda of the people of the South West. He is also resolutely committed to the constructive restructuring, devolution of powers in the country as this will bring about an equitable distribution of wealth and higher level of productivity. His concern for zero tolerance for corruption and adequate security of lives and property aligns with the party’s cardinal objectives and philosophy.

Vision for Ose/Owo Federal Constituency

My voice will be heard and my presence will inluence and provoke positive change for our people. I will be the face and conscience of the constituency. A game changer. I will provide inspiration. I will promote self-conidence, motivation and re-discovery, social and economic empowerment. I will advance actions and causes; make laws that will speed up the maximum utilisation of both human and natural resources leading us to sustainable development and industrialisation. I will promote and expand the industrial base of the Federal Constituency. I will vigorously pursue vocational and entrepreneurial skills for our people as part of the measures to reduce the present employment deicit. Farming is our mainstay. I will make farming attractive, more economically rewarding. I will promote welfare packages and social security especially for the vulnerable and underprivileged.


I knew you on the streets of Ikeja spending your time to help on a road with a serious and heavy traffic. No one thought it right to come down from their cars to help but you did out of the thousands that were stranded. You came out of your car and became a traffic warden standing under the sun for hours. People were shocked that day because you gave those people including me ease and comfort, with easy and quick ride to our destinations. You are hearing this from me for the first time, at that time I never knew I would be married to your brother. I have always been your fan and I am happy I am Imolehin and I know you are all out to help the masses and make a change. God is taking you there God is King indeed. Mrs. Bunmi Adejuyigbe-Imolehin, Civil Servant

You deserve all the accolade, you gave APC the “good stature” in your little way. You preached “decent politics”, you contested the primaries and was not bitter after your loss. You carried on “all for the sake of the party” which is bigger than anyone. As the Head of Media and Publicity of Ondo State chapter of Buhari/Osinbajo Campaign, you gave your best and the rest is history. ‘GODOBA’ take a bow. Joseph Adekolu, Technocrat.

Tunde Imolehin, like his late father is very passionate about community development issues. His father was a respected community leader here in Ipele and well-known and loved beyond Ipele. The late Imolehin was instrumental to both educational and infrastructural development projects in the town especially in the 50s and 60s. And many more. The younger Imolehin is one of my most cherished sons who has continued to make signiicant contributions to the development of our town and its environs. He has a very humble disposition. He is focused, intelligent and very articulate. Late Oba Abel Olaleye Alade JP, Olupele of Ipele

Personal Quotes

I see myself as a product of a community imbued by great and enviable values. I feel very nostalgic of those early days of my life when integrity was the prime key to success; where good education was the password to recognition and access to fulilment, where family and communal ties were the backbone of the people. So, going back to my roots is not negotiable especially considering my rich family antecedents in the areas of community development, education and religion (spirituality).

I am disturbed by the poor condition of our people and even greatly disturbed by the failure of leadership to galvanize the great endowment that the good Lord has bestowed on the country particularly in Ondo State in order to lift the people.

Politics is about service, good governance, transparency and accountability. Politics is a tool for the emancipation of the greatest majority especially the underpivileged and the vulnerable. Politics MUST not be a “do or die” affair or a profession. At best, it should be a vocation. Anyone without a valid and credible means of livelihood should not go into politics.